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Maintaining the Gold Coasts

Urban Treescape’s

About Us

Askew Trees is a Gold Coast based tree company that spealialis in any thing tree related such as tree removal,  tree consultation, tree pruning, green waste removal, land clearing and more.

Our team are always willing to put in the extra effort for our clients to make sure the job is done the correct and safe way with the use of the right techniques and equipment for any sort of job big or small.

Our arborist are fully qualified, fully insured and efficient.
If you would like a quote from askew trees please see below and feel free to call 0449 705 534  or email with any inquiries.

Professional Gold Coast Tree Services for every need

Tree Removal

Tree Removal will be the intention in completely removing the tree and removing all debris for property.

Tree Pruning

Our tree pruning is only done to Australian Standards, pruning back from building and structures. Thinning out the canopy to let light through. Pruning lower branches for clearance and Removing deadwood.

Palm Removal & Cleaning

Removing of any species of palms, cleaning out the berries/seeds and shaping and taking dead fronds out.

Green Waste & Rubbish Removal

Any green waste that might be on your property, may contain branches, logs and leaves.

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